Ecological Territorial Governance in Chiquitania and Amboró National Park, Bolivia


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The Ecological Territorial Governance project arose from a proposal made to the French Embassy in Bolivia, requesting collaboration in planning and economic resources to develop technical careers linked to Sustainable Development.

The millions of hectares burned by fires in the dry forests of the Chiquitania in 2019 and burns that are currently extending to the Amboró National Park were of concern to everyone and in particular to the conscious population of Bolivia.

The proposal of the Technical Institute ATENEA, related to the education and awareness of the population concerning the care of Mother Earth, has a major Bolivian conceptual and legal support with the Law 300, which considers Mother Earth as a LIVING BEING, with rights like human beings. Additionally, other laws related to the care of the environment made our proposal for an ECOLOGICAL TERRITORIAL GOVERNANCE in the Chiquitania and the Amboró National Park the winner.

In the first phase from July to December 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, the curriculum analysis and curricular study started with the experts in the careers of – LIVESTOCK SYSTEMS – URBAN AND PERIURBAN AGRICULTURE – WASTE MANAGEMENT – FORESTRY FARMING.

In the second phase of the project, we will implement the training of instructors in the four specialties, in the spirit of continuous development so that the whole population can access knowledge at different levels of depth. We will work with the Dual Training method, maximum 30% in the classroom, 70% in ecological TERRITORIAL LABORATORIES, which will function in both regions.

In the city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra we will start activities in the Technological Institute ATENEA, in the second semester of the management 2021, we want to encourage the love for healthy forests, which give us oxygen, water, healthy food and medicine, and we will start in the city of Santa Cruz. The creation of an Ecological Territorial Laboratory in the 9th Ring is our current dream.

We will need the support of international cooperation to strengthen the project, and expand its impact throughout BOLIVIA.

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