General terms of Use

1. Object

The purpose of these “General Terms of Use” is to provide a legal framework for the terms of the provision of the services offered by CREAR-asbl, through its website hosted at the address

The User accepts these conditions as long as they accesses the site. In case the User does not wish to accept these terms of use, they must forego access to the services offered by the Site.

2. Legal notice

CREAR is a Belgian Non-Profit Association, headquartered in Rue Colonel Bourg 110/6 1030 – Brussels, company number 0628464285, and contact telephone +32(0)495662895.

The editor of the Site is Ayar Portugal (, who also holds the positions of treasurer and research officer at CREAR.

3. Conditions of access to the site

Access is free for everyone, however access to certain pages requires the User to have an account in our Site. Opening an account is also free and the user can close that account at any time.

The User must accept the Cookies that are all necessary, see our Cookie Policy.

4. Services Offered

Because the Site is built on the basis of the WordPress platform, we offer still pages, blog posts and multimedia resources.

In these pages and blog posts, we offer studies, analyses, excerpts from press articles, etc. of anthropological reciprocity, either made or compiled by CREAR researchers, or carried out by non-CREAR members who agreed to disseminate the material.

Users who do not have an account have the opportunity to participate by writing comments in published blog pages or posts. We also make available information about CREAR projects or activities, taking place either virtually (in the Site or in a third-party service), or physically in a location in Brussels or elsewhere.

Users who have an account can also write comments, but they can also publish their own articles or multimedia resources by sending them to the Publisher.

The user who opens an account can also subscribe to the Newsletter (a newsletter) containing the new features in the Site: new articles, comments, projects, activities, etc.

We distribute for free a computer application called Amuyaa that the User (registered or not) can download from our Site. We also offer free support in this regard, either to install the app or to use it.

5. Terms and conditions for creating an account

The user can create an account for free, only an email check of his email address is required. See our Privacy Policy.

6. Intellectual property

The logo, written text and multimedia ressources in the Site are subject to copyright protection. The User must request permission for any reproduction, publication or copy of the content.

The content produced by CREAR cannot be used for commercial purposes, but can be used as part of scientific research as long as it is referenced.

The User who produces Content in the Site, for example an article, agrees that its production will be made available to other Users under the same conditions mentioned above (non-commercial use with referencing), with the exception of Content from a third party that has other terms of use. In this case, the User agrees to refer to the legal terms of use of the Content it shares. The content produced by the User is his sole responsibility.

User content can be changed or removed at any time by the Site’s publisher without any justification or notification.

7. Protecting personal data

Any information provided by the User and any Content provided to the Site by the User will be used exclusively in the Site itself and will not be shared to any third parties. See our Privacy Policy.

8. Responsibility of publisher and user

The Content offered on the site is considered reliable, however CREAR reserves the ability to a non-guarantee of the reliability of the sources.

CREAR is not responsible for the User’s use of the information contained in the Site.

CREAR is not responsible for the content of the web pages where the various hyperlinks in the Site lead.

The User is responsible for the comments or content he publishes on the Site. It ensures compliance with the legal, moral and ethical norms arising from the formal Law and that resulting from reciprocity with the other members of the Site.

9. Length and evolution of the contract

The duration of the contract is indeterminate. The contract enters into effect from the moment the User uses the Site, that is, as soon as they accesses the domain through a web browser.

CREAR reserves the right to amend at any time the clauses stipulated in this contract in accordance with the evolution of these activities and the services offered in the Site.

The competent court and the law applicable in the event of a dispute is Belgian law. In the absence of an amicable resolution of a dispute between the parties, only the courts of the judicial district of THE head office of CREAR are competent.