We are a group of researchers with different backgrounds and life projects, who have in common the conviction of the need to put forward practice and research around reciprocity.

We formed a non-profit association in 2015 in Belgium, the “Collectif de Recherche Et d’Action pour la Réciprocité” (CREAR-asbl) and we have a close link with Bolivia since several members are Bolivians, and we want to continue expanding our connections.

Our goal is to generate a space of self-training and learning where we can contrast our knowledge from our different disciplines and deconstruct truths and assumptions in order to build a new reading of reality in the key of reciprocity.

In this sense, we propose a space open to all where we can engage, not only in reflection, but in reciprocal practices and relationships outside the fragmentation that we experience in most spaces in our day to day.

Finally, looking to the future, we look forward to collaborating on various types of encounters with different actors involved in processes of change (including researchers, educators, activists, etc.) to exchange experiences, knowledge, and reflections around reciprocity in a theoretical and practical way towards building a better world.

We invite all those who share an interest in learning more about reciprocity and/or collaborating together on these different projects to join by creating an account. They can also contact us by writing an email to the following address:

Legal mentions

The institution responsible for editing the is the Belgian law association CREAR-asbl.

  • Legal form: ASBL (Association Sans But Lucratif), equivalent to a “non-profit association” in Spanish
  • Official name: Collectif de recherche et d’action pour la réciprocité, or in Spanish: Collective of research and action for reciprocity
  • Company number: 628,464,285
  • Office: Colonel Bourg Street 110/6 1030 Brussels (Belgium)
  • Email:
  • Phone: +32(0)49566289

Members of CREAR

Please visit this page to learn who the members of CREAR are.

Editors of the website

The website editors are Ayar Portugal e Ibalú Alba, contact us in case you need any assistance or if you have any question.