International Course Education, Territory and Theory of Reciprocity

For CREAR, this course responded to one of its objectives which is “The dissemination of the perspectives that are opened by the theory and practices of reciprocity through case studies, trainnings, publications and diverse pedagogical material”. For POEyAP, the course responded to a goal of contributing to the implementation of the re-adjustment in the Education Sciences Career’s curriculum and its subsequent restructuring. In other words, this course was a kind of experiment to determine the extent to which the topics addressed could later be part of the formal educational curriculum offered by the career.

The teachers of the course were as follows:

  • Jacqueline Michaux Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Free University of Brussels
  • Gustavo Vargas, PhD student at the Catholic University of Leuven
  • Ruth Catalán Ph.D. from the Catholic University of Leuven
  • Ayar Portugal MSc. by the Catholic University of Leuven

***The language of the course was Spanish, and so the following videos are all in that same language.

Part 1: Dominique Temple’s Theory of Reciprocity

Jacqueline Michaux September 14, 2020
Jacqueline Michaux September 16, 2020
Jacqueline Michaux September 18, 2020

Part 2: Stephane Lupasco’s Logic of the Contradictory

Ayar Portugal 21 Spetiembre, 2020
Ayar Portugal September 23, 2020
Ayar Portugal September 25, 2020

Part 3: Intercultural Education and Diversified Curriculum in Bolivia

Ruth Catalan September 28, 2020
Ruth Catalan October 2, 2020

Part 4: Territory and Reciprocity in the Andes

Gustavo Vargas October 5, 2020
Gustavo Vargas October 7, 2020
Gustavo Vargas October 9, 2020